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The Cross of Christ #4: Jesus Our Lord

Without the resurrection Jesus is just another dead false prophet and Christianity is nothing more than a series of empty promises.  With it, Christianity is an abundant life lived with and for God. Jesus is our crucified Savior and our resurrected Lord.  Through him believers enjoy eternal life as they partner with the Holy Spirit to extend God’s presence into the heart of our city.

This is the fourth sermon in the “Cross of Christ Series” from the Living Hope Church- Maryville Campus.  You can see what people are saying about this sermon on Twitter and Facebook by searching the hashtag #LHCCrossOfChrist.  Join us live in Maryville Sunday’s at 10:30 AM for the next sermon series “Strengthened by Grace” or catch it here.


Matthew 28:1-20


Image via katieyunholmes.blogspot.com

Image via katieyunholmes.blogspot.com

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